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• Review the options available to create and manage the project
• Determine the execution model you wish to use, ie, Design/Build, Traditional, or Hybrid 
• Consider bringing Fast-Track Construction in for consultation prior to selecting your execution model or contracting with any party

• Develop the Program Objectives 
• Determine objectives, budgetary limits, and intangible qualities from the owner’s perspective

• Learn the Ground Rules – City codes and Requirements 
• Consider the Site (if ground-up) 
• Conduct Phase 1 environmental as appropriate 
• Consider utility availability and capacity, weather and positioning on the site 
• Consider existing views – from adjoining parcels and from within the site 
• Consider neighboring building styles, landscape materials, topography and drainage

• Develop Concept Design 
• Assemble A&E team which will: 
• Prepare the Schematic Design 
• Develop Conceptual Site Plan(s) 
• Develop Conceptual Floor Plans (alternate designs) 
• Develop Rough exterior elevations

• Develop the Budget 
• All “soft” costs – architecture, engineering, testing and consulting 
• General Cost Estimates (per square foot pricing)

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